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Win up to 1.500€

Participants & Winners 2021:

Elif Bozlak, Lara Radovic, Barbara Wallner

Nikolaus Huber, Sebastian Vetter

Masoud Aghapour
Computer Designed Guide Dog Harness HELGA

These were the other teams:
Dagmar Trachsel, Ulrike Auer
Automatized Cough Detection

Csukovich Georg, Marlene Rezk
InQmate - The automated lab assistant advancing your research

Christof A. Bertram, Marc Aubreville
EfficientTumor Assessment Using Artificial Intelligence

Paul Schwarzmann
Custom Made, 3D-Printed Drill- and Saw-Guides in Veterinary Orthopedics

Kerstin Seitz, Till Rümenapf
BeeFree hive-site test

Rules for participation:

Participating students and scientists of Vetmeduni can win up to € 1,500 for the presentation of their research project or research project idea with the potential to create a practical impact as a product or service in addition to its scientific impact.

Present your idea to a jury, explain which development steps have already been made, and what else should be done. Convince us that this development is really relevant and needed for clients, users, patients, and that there is currently no other good solution to this problem / need. But also point out which hurdles could exist in the realisation (technological, regulatory, financial, ...) and think about how you could master them successfully.

What the jury said:

"This year we had eight great ideas, from a broad range of scientific fields and with different approaches regarding their USPs, their envisaged business models and markets.
All teams were incredibly well prepared and showed strong passion and willingness to go into great detail. It was a pleasure to listen to and to discuss with all of you."


Registration deadline for the VetIdeas challenge  (project title and team) by e-mail to:

Workshop I (mandatory) for the preparation of your submission

Workshop II (mandatory) for the preparation of your submission

DEADLINE SUBMISSION OF POSTERS: An individual / A team submits their project poster. Please send the poster electronically to  and take a print version with you on 04.11.2021.

Presentation of all ideas to the jury. The three best ideas will be awarded during the Vetmeduni Science Day on 11.11.2021.

Submission criteria:

A poster in the format A0, English or German language, with representation of:

  1. Brief description of the research project / invention "What are the results / advantages of the invention?"
  2. Product / Service Idea "What could a potential product / service look like?"
  3. Market / Customer Needs "For what problem is my product a solution and for whom?"
  4. Implementation steps "What further development steps are required for economic implementation to be possible?"

Workshops "From project idea to development plan"
The workshops take place in cooperation with tecnet and accent. If required, the workshops can also be held in English language. NEW Location: PANORAMASAAL (DA building, 1st floor, right hand side) 

Workshop I, 22.09.2021 14.00-17.00:
The manifold challenges of the economic implementation of research results (such as customer benefits, market steps, development risks etc.).

Workshop II, 07.10.2021 14.00-17.00:
How to structure the A0 poster for submission and how to present it (5 minutes pitch) in front of a jury of potential exploitation partners or investors.

Rules for participation

VetIdeas is aimed at scientific staff and students of Vetmeduni Vienna. At least one member of the submitting team must come from this group.

  • All teams will present their ideas to an expert jury and awarded by the jury.
  • There must be the principal idea to develop the idea further.
  • Legal recourse is excluded.


The development ideas will be presented as part of Science Day on 11.11.2021. It is therefore important that all information that should be kept strictly confidential (because they have not yet been published and eventually could be important for  IP protection) is removed from all presentations (including oral). If in doubt, please contact Christine Ruckenbauer [].

Presentation in front of jury

The presentation in front of the jury requires a printed poster (A0). Participants are asked to print this poster and bring it to the presentation.

The posters will be presented by the participants in a 5-minute presentation to a jury (two members from the Vetmeduni, tecnet and accent each), followed by a short Q&A session. The poster and the presentation are the basis for the evaluation. The jury will evaluate the structured engagement with the question of the economic exploitation of research results
The jury meeting will take place immediately after the presentation.


1st prize: € 1,500
2nd prize: € 1,000
3rd prize: € 500

The award ceremony took place during the Vetmeduni Science Day on 11.11.2021. The prizes are donated by tecnet equity NÖ Technologiebeteiligungs-Invest GmbH and accent Gründerservice GmbH. The prize is at the winners disposal. Team submissions will split the prize among the team members.