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Morris Animal Foundation

Funds the best researchers, conducting the best science, whether in a clinical trial, in the lab, or out in the field improving the lives of animals.

Morris Foundation


We seek, finance and commercialize (spin-out or license) life science projects from Universities to be translated into the medicines of tomorrow.

Christine Ruckenbauer

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Addressing Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Human-Animal Interaction

ca 45K USD

deadline: 16.2.2023


FFG Fellowship

Exploitation of university IP with the perspective of a company foundation.

max 500T, 1,5 yrs, 5th call deadline Q3 2023


opnMe - molecules for research for free

To foster innovation Boehringer Ingelheim shares selected molecules with the scientific community - all for free, no hidden costs.


Innovation Voucher

Services of research institutions for small/medium companies.

max. 12,5T, 80% funding


Pfizer - Investigator Sponsored Research

Supports projects that advance medical & scientific knowledge about Pfizer therapies & projects with money or compounds.

Pfizer ISR
Pfizer Compound Transfer

Drug discovery

Translation of results into professional drug discovery projects. Up to 3mio, w/o company partner

Wings4Innovation - AWS

Christian Doppler Labs

R&D with a company for new products and processes.

Min. 110T/yr for 7 yrs, company partner required


WWTF Life Science

each call with a different scientific focus
next call: Q1 2022
topic will be announced in July 2021


HBLB Veterinary Science Research and Education Grant

Topic: research for the welfare of horses bred for racing


Biopharma Open Innovation Portal

Merck offers various collaboration opportunities for scientists, students and curious minds who want to shape the future of healthcare.

Merck Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Advancing research together through Open Innovation:

  • Clinical Compound Bank
  • Preclinical Toolbox
  • Target Innovation



Support for start-up teams in drawing up business plans focused on life sciences, chemistry and energy.

Applications: once / year