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Deadline for submission

Friday, September 23 2022

Exhibition of posters and awards ceremony:


Poster Award 2022

The scientific poster award serves to visualize the research activities of junior scientists of the Vetmeduni Vienna. The submitted posters will be judged by a jury based on the posters only (without presentation by the authors). All posters submitted will be exhibited during Science Day on November 23th, 2022. The best rated posters will be awarded during Science Day. 

Attention: the participation in the poster award corresponds to a publication of this poster and the contents therein. Members of the jury of journalists are allowed to use such content to write popular science reports (without consultation). Please note this when selecting posters.

Submission deadline: September 23 2022

Who can participate:

  • Employees of the Vetmeduni Vienna who achieved their (basic) degree or doctorate / PhD degree within the last 7 years.
  • Students of all fields of study at Vetmeduni Vienna

Number of posters that can be submitted

Each participant may send one (1) first author poster. this rule applies also for poster with more than one first author.

Which scientific posters can be submitted:

Scientific printed posters, e-posters or poster videos or on ongoing or completed work, either published or demonstrably presented at a scientific congress from 2.9.2021 to 1.9.2022.

ATTENTION: Posters that have already been submitted in previous years for a Vetmeduni poster award cannot be accepted.

Information about the submission

Apply via VetEasy

  • Full name of the author
  • Year in which the doctorate / PhD was completed. (This should be no more than seven years ago, please ask us in cae of atypical CVs or interruptions.)
  • Designation of the organization according to the Vetmeduni organizational chart at the time of the poster generation, to which the first author and thus the submitter can be assigned
  • Poster Title
  • Congress details where the poster was presented.

Form of submission

The printed posters are required electronically (as PDF) and printed. The PDF should already be optimized for the A4 format. The printed poster should have a size of A0 high (ie 84 cm wide and 118.9 cm high). For other formats we ask for a short consultation.For e-posters or poster videos we require the video file or a permanent weblink, as well as a PDF in A4 format as a starting page.

This was the Poster Award 2021