Workshop Series "Entrepreneurial Basics"

The workshop series “Entrepreneurial Basics” supports you as a scientist with hands on expertise and exercises to build/expand your knowledge about the impact of your research - a part of nearly every funding application, nationally (FFG) and internationally (Horizon Europe).

Target group
Scientists (PostDoc and more advanced) currently preparing a scientific project application or working in a scientific project that has potential for applied results. Participants that have attended all four moduls receive the Vetmeduni certificate. During the workshops the participants will work on their own research projects currently in preparation or alreaday running.

What participants say

"This was an exceptional PE seminar series, which more than met my expectations! The topics about project writing with emphasis on project communication, dissemination and impact as well as IP, patents, funding sources, and finally exploitation of ideas have been thoroughly covered; the speakers were from a broad range of expertise and working fields with a lot of knowledge and experience, and were quite good at keeping our attention, interest and concentration. Examples and exercised nicely rounded up the individual seminars! Excellent course – can absolutely recommend that!"

"The Entrepreneurial course is really useful and met my expectation. I learned the working steps when planning to apply for grants, and the way I can exploit my works and ideas for further commercial purposes."

"Thank you again for inviting excellent speakers and organising such a wonderful workshop! The four sessions covered the most important aspects on entrepreneurship for academics (financing, IP and marketing). All speakers are real experts in their field, who shared with us their experiences and provided us very useful tools. In addition, I really enjoyed having in-depth discussions with the speakers and other participants. I’ve recommended the course to my colleaguesJ"

"The course met my expections, especially the small exercises were fun and quite useful. Within a regular working day at university you usually don't have time to really think about transferring your science into a business idea - during the course you are encouraged to do so. It was also great to meet other colleagues and get some new input.  Btw, I really liked the talk about the global animal health market.. really interesting insights!! Thank you for organising this course, it was a really great experience."

"The Entrepreneurial Basics at Vetmeduni is a must! Practical paramount information about science that we do not think much about. On top, we had fun and the trainers were amazing people!"

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